Bryan Silbermann, Founder and CEO

Bryan founded Lumenir in 2011 with the vision of providing reliable energy access to rural communities across the globe. His passion for catalyzing change in off-grid regions required the building of an agile team of leading engineers and innovators with global reputations for outstanding commitment and excellence in their respective fields. They are now gathered at Lumenir to research, design and develop the high-tech, cutting-edge products needed to make a difference in developing countries.

Prior to founding Lumenir, Bryan held a number of hardware engineering management and consultancy roles at companies including SanDisk, Pliant Technology (where he developed the next generation 2.5 inch form-factor SSD), AMMC (where he was brought in to resolve key design issues) and Seagate.  A consultancy role at Tesla quickly evolved into a position for Bryan on the product development team as the key hardware engineer on board-level designs including the HVAC controller, DC Motor Controller, Stepper Motor Controller and Electric Vehicle Home Charging Station (EVSE).

Bryan is an alumnus of San Francisco State University with continued studies at Stanford University.